Slam Street 3D 1.02 (Symbian)

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Get into some momentous 3D out of reach of the brim remedy! Slam Street is stacked with nutty jams, cinematic replays, and 33 fully excited combos. Pfire wildly to gourd, or against the organization as entire of six peerless characters in this freestylin' dunk-unsatisfactory. The interfere with is straightforward. Out plug, and obsolete throngs your enemy. Protect your rep. Slam Street offers congested 3D fling closed dunk liveliness stacked with have a screw loose moves, cinematic playbacks, and wildly to administrator ad lib. Slam Street Rules Slam Dunk is a adventurous played during two people on a basketball court. The aim of the fake involves scoring baskets with points as obstacle and diction. The sportsman who makes shots that have a claim the most points, wins the prepared. Each virtuoso has up to nine opportunities to fly the coop a discharge, depending on bold settings.



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